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So long, 2008 TT_TT. And let’s welcome year 2009! (and it’s my 10th post already!)

December 31, 2008

*sniffs* Thanks for those good ‘ol memories of the year 2008 TT_TT and those wonderful and not-so-wonderful moments that we cherished.

I hope this year, the year of the Earth Ox, will have a good and prosperous year!


The noise of the firecrackers, fireworks, and percussive instruments are around the corner, And let’s celebrate our new year party!

Let’s party! and go read more of this post, shall we?



Loco Roco 2 Trailer

December 30, 2008

OMG part 2 of Loco Roco! Roco Loco is LOVE~<3

Cute blobs have a comback, dudes! I wonder when will this game be released.

Let’s watch the trailer! It’s soooo cute!


For those who keep on copying my posts, this is for you.

December 30, 2008

I hate copycats. I always search my name on Google and some other search engines and I found some of my posts, but the links aren’t mine.

Most copied so far: My “Pangya Portable Trailer” post.

I always saw my signature in those posts. And take note that I always put my signature in case of stealing or copying my posts. If you want to copy my post, please do credit me in So I’ll be alright and you have the permission. If you removed my signature, I would like to report your blog. Thank you for understanding. I’m checking my posts always.

Haiko to Chiaku- This is the subway to hell, b*tches! >>>>>>>>>>>


Can’t wait for new year, Let’s get into our random video mode!!!

December 29, 2008

DISCLAIMER: this is a random video post, anything interesting (for me) will be posted here. You must read the “Rules Before You Comment!” category if you would like to comment. And yes, that is NOT a page. How silly of me D:


Random Video: DJ Max Portable Black Square Promotion Video

December 28, 2008

Nah, It’s way harder than those previous DJ Max Portable Games. The MVs now are a bit 3-D! 3-D is do not want for my taste >_<

Plus, It’s more extreme. I’m sure the hardcore fans of the game will like this thing!

But me, no. I like the Clazziquai ones better. But look on the bright side, there’s some of my favorite songs! (Divine Service, Higher, and Real Over Drive!) But that’s only the positive for me. So What? Let’s watch the trailer!

Hard game is Hard…


Pangya Portable Trailer

December 27, 2008

OMG, first, Audition, Then.. Pangya?

Korean online games turn into PSP games, That’s in. What’s next? Ragnarok portable?

O2 Jam Portable? Hmm… Maybe Ragnarok portable sounds awesome.

There are three trailers in this game. Better watch out, It will be released soon!

However, it’s released in Korea already.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

I don’t play this game before. But I know this is about golf and I play golf before in my cellphone. But in real life, I hate golf. And heck, I love korean games a bit.


Patapon 2 Trailer

December 27, 2008


I absolutely love this game! Those cute voices, eyeballs, and those PON, CHAKA, PATA, and DON sounds! They’re REALLY BACK!

Enough silly talk, Let’s watch the trailer!

And here’s the main website of the game.


Eating popcorn hurts my kness..BTW, I’m BACK!

December 26, 2008


I’m still alive you freaks, I didn’t post anything yesterday, since there’s a reunion with my relatives and there’s too much noise things to do.

Okay, anything random ahead! Gotta make my headers tomorrow or later!


Merry Christmas to all!!! (and damn those city folks with flying machines >:[)

December 24, 2008


Happy Holidays! I hope you guys have a good vacation this year, and oh yes, I won’t be here tomorrow, I’ll have a oh-so embarrassing reunion with my family. In fact, I don’t like it. We always went to my eldest aunt and have sleepovers with her, karaoke, and too much people, endless walks in the hill, yodelling picnicking there, but I wish we can go to the awesomest places there, like good malls or something, or I wish we all could go to the Nickelodeon hotel in Florida, or Philadelphia, the home of the ice cream 😀 and eat ice cream, JUST BETTER! If you would like to know, we have turkey for Christmas dinner, that’s so Thanksgiving! But I like ROAST turkey, they’re yummy.

I hate my zit. I’m so f-ing ugly!!!!!! Damn those city folks with flying machines, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh geez, I talk like the metalicore way >_>

Ok, no more ranting, It’s Christmas, who doesn’t like Christmas after all?

Azukin Chitozein(the metalicore trio)?  or Scrooge? LOL

Drum Solo!


G’morning world, what an unusual day.. AND IT’S MY FIRST POST!!

December 22, 2008

Nothing else. Lolz. I hope I can’t handle blogging, since I don’t have anything to put on. The anime blog stuff is kinda hard and too much in the memory in your computer, and manga? UGH. As if manga is so black and white lameness, and I think I only read one manga, and it’s Hatsune Mix. And I found it boring XD sorry for the manga lovers!