G’morning world, what an unusual day.. AND IT’S MY FIRST POST!!


Nothing else. Lolz. I hope I can’t handle blogging, since I don’t have anything to put on. The anime blog stuff is kinda hard and too much in the memory in your computer, and manga? UGH. As if manga is so black and white lameness, and I think I only read one manga, and it’s Hatsune Mix. And I found it boring XD sorry for the manga lovers!



Pop Sensation! -bubblegum pink-

Title: Pop Sensation! -bubblegum pink version-

That’s my first header! sorry for the concept. It’s kinda tweeny, sorry!

The reason why is it tweeny? Because the characters are from DJ Max Portable’s “Ladymade Star”. And the MV’s tweeny! And personally, I don’t like the header, because I don’t know what is the RIGHT title for it. Plus, I do like the scan, but I hate the colors. Oh yeah, I have a blue version in it and I’ll upload it soon!

Plus, I love tiv’s artworks. But the scan was illustrated by Yuuki Tatsuya.

The sources of this banner coming soon, so check back anytime  ^_^




-The image is screencapped. And also my old avatar.-

Christmas is near!! All I want for Christmas is a Neocash card and a shiny, new credit card 😀 How ’bout you?

I’m gonna update the sections so please check back anytime! (hey, is this the second time I say this in this post, huh?)

I’m really nervous about blogging guys, It’s the first time!

Bye bye for now! (and please do comment!!!)



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