Eating popcorn hurts my kness..BTW, I’m BACK!



I’m still alive you freaks, I didn’t post anything yesterday, since there’s a reunion with my relatives and there’s too much noise things to do.

Okay, anything random ahead! Gotta make my headers tomorrow or later!



-MY do not want list.

There’s the list that I do not want.

1. Those (jealous) freaks whose throwing S-bricks on me and my taste. I do not want seeing those people saying “Ewww, that is so crappy”, something like that. If your possessed and obsessed in perfection, I DON’T CARE. I BELIEVE THAT WE ARE NOT PERFECT, SO DOES OUR WORK. I don’t care if your works are “too perfect”. But if you have an effort in it, don’t just say it’s perfect. Just be proud and smile. Possessing/Obsessing is do not want. Those haughty peoples only do it.

2. Fanservice. Those ecchi, ya- @ yu- stuff. NO!! I DO NOT WANT THOSE STUFFS, SO IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW, THEN YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE HERE. I do not want those freak shows commenting and requesting for such stuffs, but! when I see a cute image, but there’s fanservice in it, sorry, I’ll crop it to death until that gross stuff is gone. But that ya- NO!! NEVARRR!! who is that moron who did make fanservice exist? I hate maniacs. I don’t know why did they do such thing >_>

3. Stupidity/Spamming. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT!!! I don’t need your stupidity and your spam for my blog, so there’s an approval process in your comments guys. So sorry if I rejected your comment.

4. Killjoyness. THIS IS THE SECOND ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT! If you guys have this trait, don’t grow it here. I want fun. I hate boring persons. I found them too serious. I’m still young to understand them!

5. Too much rude words. I NOT WANT THAT, REALLY. That’s  really hurtful to everyone and younger viewers can imitate your words so, if you want to say some of those, please censore it. But you can use them once ONLY!!! Repitative bad words are do not want. If you say I’m stupid or something like that, All of your comments will be rejected. Sorrys are only three times, if you missed that chances, I won’t accept your comments again.

Thanks a lot for your support. Don’t agree? whatever. I’m the admin and don’t judge me like your the admin here, okay?

I’m going to categorize this post. So the people will know about my rules.



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