Random Video: DJ Max Portable Black Square Promotion Video


Nah, It’s way harder than those previous DJ Max Portable Games. The MVs now are a bit 3-D! 3-D is do not want for my taste >_<

Plus, It’s more extreme. I’m sure the hardcore fans of the game will like this thing!

But me, no. I like the Clazziquai ones better. But look on the bright side, there’s some of my favorite songs! (Divine Service, Higher, and Real Over Drive!) But that’s only the positive for me. So What? Let’s watch the trailer!

Hard game is Hard…



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3 Responses to “Random Video: DJ Max Portable Black Square Promotion Video”

  1. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    Kinda disappointing is that most songs there are those previous song in the previous games, IMO. But the best ones.
    I really loved the songs Miles, Higher, Whiteblue, and Para-Q (both MVs and Songs). But I hate Planetboom’s songs there, they’re so not my type! I really hate Lovely Hands and River Flow..
    These are the list of the songs that I wanted to the game, but they’re not there:

    1. Memoirs
    2. Chrono Breakers
    3. A Lie

    Uhh..That’s all. I love Rolling On The Duck, but sadly, the lyrics are kinda mindbending or something like that..But that song REALLY deserves in DJ Max Blacksquare >.<
    But overall, it’s really disappointing like the Fever ones (The one that will be released in January 27) Clazziquai and the second one is the best!
    Disagreeing is an option.

  2. mikaino Says:

    @Kitsune-Kun: I’m not really sure if the best ones are the ones which are putted in the game. Oh! I also forgot Miles, it’s also my favorite song 🙂
    I hate Para-Q, since it’s not the kind of drum n’ bass I know, and it’s more on techno >_> River Flow wasn’t bad at all, it’s kinda like an acoustic song (plus cute girls :p). But I agree when you’ve said you hate Lovely Hands.
    Rolling On The Duck is well-deserve, so does Chrono Breakers (NieN fan much?) Memoirs is making me chilly. But it’s alright to be there, since Blacksquare’s theme is sorta dark and retro.
    Clazziquai is good and easy, but I don’t like the second ones. I like the first ones more than that, to be honest.

  3. Maemi Says:

    Dj Max Black Square is better than Clazziquai…

    I started out with clazziquai and i liked it very much…i practiced hard on it and when i heard this black square, i was curious…at first i can say it was hard…but after a while of playing, i got the hang of it…it was awesome…u can really feel playing in there….though some songs are not very liked by some, but when you unveiled Divine Service, u’re gonna love it so much…(^_^)

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