So long, 2008 TT_TT. And let’s welcome year 2009! (and it’s my 10th post already!)


*sniffs* Thanks for those good ‘ol memories of the year 2008 TT_TT and those wonderful and not-so-wonderful moments that we cherished.

I hope this year, the year of the Earth Ox, will have a good and prosperous year!


The noise of the firecrackers, fireworks, and percussive instruments are around the corner, And let’s celebrate our new year party!

Let’s party! and go read more of this post, shall we?


-Oh, Pretty, shiny, love!

OMG! Time flows sososososososo fast! I must contact my friends like what did I did on Christmas! And then, we have a free pizza on Pizza Hut! (lolwut?)

-*noms on the pizza like what CC did* Oh, I don’t like Code Geass! Why is she here?

Simple. She has a pizza on the gif image. Plus, she’s moe.

I have my top ten “What’s Hot” list this year. Do you wanna check it in? Here it is:

10. Internet– Before eyesoring, it’s really informative, creative, and fun! you can do anything in this! I love internet! I use Firefox. But somehow, I hate some sites like Friendster and Myspace. Too much populations like sliced bread.






-Yahoo (of course)

9. Extreme!– Optional, but I only liked this ONLY on September until November. My friend told me to help her into her blog for those ranting, and being hardcore and I liked it! but being extreme makes the weather bad, and yes, also Hardcore music. So I stopped being that kind 😦

8. Photoshopping– Sounds retarded but real fun! youmust download some brushes or patterns for extra fun on using it! Spread your creativity and you’ll know that your work is really satisfying.

7. Plushies!This oh-so-fluffy and cute suffed animals are win! FTWFTWFTWFTW!!

Especially those Koala and Panda plushies are the best! *cuddles on my rat(?) plushie and my kitty (which is colored toffee <3) plushie*

6. Chattering and Blogging New to that, but it sounds super-fun! but I’m always aware with the strangers. But I think I’ll just make friends with the friendly ones now. I’m sick of those killjoy and cool freaks! Never mind about my ranting, lol.

>>>>TOP FIVE!!!!!!<<<<

5. EPIC Wins and Fails– LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT!!!!!!!! Epic is total WIN! (even the failures.) You can check some epic fails on failblog, while wins, they’re randomly. But They’re a total love. Extra points for being awesomesauce and being a total lulz.

Picture Spam of fails and wins:


-Whoever is this headphones guy, I agree with you.

-facepalm gallery? fail.


-Epic guns are epic.


4.Scenic  places Lovely! I always wanted to take picture of these things, since they’re really memorable and enjoyable to look at. With lights in the evening, or glow on the morning, with sunrise in sunset, and we blog them, right? Because it’s eye-catching and luxurious, with a shiny glow in it.


3. Music– It doesn’t only matches your taste but it really affects your mood, style, and you’ll get refreshed with it. Can’t say anything else, but music differs in style, IMO.

*wOOt!* ~insane freak bwahaha.

Picture spam of Music (anime-themed)



2.Anime Down? yes, it’s down! it means….Whatever, I’m telling a spoiler, darn it.

Why is it down? Because because of those disgusting stuffs on this one which is getting popuar in this year. I can’t avoid it. But I still like anime, I still like bishoujos! I’m a fan of those things. But make sure they aren’t ecchi.

Long live Anime! Follow me, lol. I haven’t watched any good anime this year, except Soul Eater and ToraDora! So, no list.

Number one is..(if you’re not interested anymore, skip this one)

1. Video GamesDisappointing for you, that is?

But I bought a PSP this year and I have a Stepmania this year and I found them fun!

Wanna picture spam? come and get it here! All pics are in one. And In order on which game did I like the most this year.

Video Games is the hottest in 2008 for me, since the past ones are:




Yep, post ended, lol. I have posted too long in this post because I won’t be here in WordPress in January 5. I’m off to my studies. Maybe I’ll check this blog on weekends so you won’t get sad. In fact, Springtime is here soon, my season!

Buh-bye, guys! I’ll miss you! please do drop me a line in my AP account or Twitter! And wish you a Happy New Year!



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