I love *arf! arf!*! it’s a unique word!


Nothing stupider on the title. It’s my quote for the month XD

I love being random.

I won’t be here on January 5 until spring, I think I must keep on searching on the latest games and the Spring anime, because in summer, I’m busy doing a summer job. At least I’m free at springtime. Gotta go for now, I’ll see you soon guys! I’ll be back on March 17 or more!



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2 Responses to “I love *arf! arf!*! it’s a unique word!”

  1. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    Uh-oh. Looks like you’ve made the line from an episode of The Power Puff Girls, eh?

  2. mikaino Says:

    @Kitsune-Kun: I think it’s yes. I was lol’d in that line, FYI.

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