New Vocaloid?- Named Megurine Luka. (Vocaloid2 CV03)


Not a fan of pink, but she looks great. She’s one of the things I’m looking forward to, since the release date was on January 30. Can’t wait. I want her now..

I just found out that there’s a new Vocaloid already yesterday, but sadly, I haven’t posted it because of my stupid essays >_<  Arrghh!!!

Okies, let’s stick to the topic guys! *while you are reading, you suddenly heard a choir singing. Holy, holy mac…*

Luka Megurine

Her name- “Megurine” means “the sound that travels (around the world)”, and “Luka” invokes the homonymous Japanese words of “nagare” (flowing) and “ka” (song) or “kaori” (scent). Her name’s kinda odd, but I’m getting used to it nowadays.

Her Looks- Her clothing style is fabulous! I’m really glad that they’ve tried something new. No more short skirts with ties, and hello faboo oriental fantasy style! The pink hair is no bother to me, since it looks light and not really tweeny. She looks mysterious and quiet. And gold and brown is epic win! so elegant..

Her singing- Not bad at all, her voice is kinda cool, mysterious, and husky. Perfect for bossanova types! Plus, she’s really different compared to the previous Vocaloids. She’s less annoying and high-pitched. And her voice remains calm. Not really sure about this one,but some people said that her voice is similar to Len’s. But for me, nope. To be honest, she’s way better than Miku, IMO.

More about her:

•She’s 20 years old (I thought she’s 18..)

•She’s 162 cm (5 feet, 4 inches) tall, and weighed 45 kg (99 pounds)

•Voiced by Asakawa Yuu (Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh, Itoko Osakabe from School Rumble, and many more)

•Her song types (genres) are Latin jazz to ethno-pop/house to electronica dance (Nice choice of songs, suitable for her clothing ^_^ and from now on, I’ve gotta love her more and more!!!) , Preferred tempo is 65 to 145 BPM (kinda slow for me that is, but I think it’s alright :3), and her preferred singing rage is D3 to D5.

•Her weapon is a fish/tuna.

Overall-Absolutely impressive. Even though she’s kinda mature like Meiko, still she suits my taste. And honestly, she’s the first Vocaloid that I liked even her program isn’t released yet! I really do not like the previous ones, since their voice was sorta irritating and lame, no soul for music >_<  but now, no need to be mad, she’s the coolest-looking for me 😉 and btw, I need a lot of help using this program, lol.


-this is how her software looks like.

Random Picture Spam of Megurine Luka:

Thanks for reading! My credit goes to PIAPRO for the images (except for the software and the first image) and Anime News Network for the information about this new and lovely Vocaloid! What do you think of her? Go and take a poll.



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6 Responses to “New Vocaloid?- Named Megurine Luka. (Vocaloid2 CV03)”

  1. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    Looks like she will have loads of fans. (hope she will beat Miku because Miku sucks)
    And thank you for some images that I can’t find on some other blog posts about her. They’re better lol XD
    Especially the gif ones, it is so beautiful.
    I agree with your opinions a bit, because I’m loving her compared to the previous ones. Too bad you didn’t posted the Demo song of hers, but it’s okay. The images are the main ones in this post, In my honest opinion.
    In your picture spam, I really loved the first one. She looks like those characters from Ar Tonelico ^^ Thanks a lot for uploading some other cgs of her.
    And if you don’t know this fact, it’s only her third day, and she already has many fan arts! Believe me, she’ll be popular 😀

  2. mikaino Says:

    @Kitsune-Kun: *no comment while you are saying that Miku sucks* I can’t say that I agree with you because some Mikutards will be fuming mad.
    The reason why I didn’t posted the demo songs because many bloggers posted about it. And no need to thank me for the images, thank PIAPRO 😀

  3. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    @mikaino: Who cares if they’re mad? We’re being honest at all, and I don’t really care what are those Mikutards are going to say.
    If you recieve one, go unapprove it. Sorry if I’m unwanting ^_^, It’s really my personality, honest, feisty, and odd.

  4. Dark Says:

    A new Vocaloid? I’m not really interested into their singing, but I really liked hers. Very cool and mature, less annoying (but not Meiko. She isn’t that annoying). I’m really interested to see her and Meiko getting along. They’re both good at everything.

  5. mikaino Says:

    @Dark: Yup agreed. I think there will be a yuri connection between them. Since fanartists are really into those stuff.
    @Kitsune-Kun: Whatever. No need for the replies.

  6. momo Says:

    lOOKS VERY cool 🙂 Though i still like Miku. Ok cross that out i like all of them. haha well ya she looks promising.

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