Touhou Unofficial Doujin Episode 1- A Summer Day’s Dream


Hayou!(just an expression of mine)

I can’t post the screen caps here, since it’s a total waste of time ;_;

Maybe next time. (Sorry, Kitsune!)

If it’s bandwidth exceeded please comment it here in this post.

Click below to read my impressions of the doujin anime.

First impressions:

Animation- Not bad at all, since it was only a doujin. The sceneries are oh-so breath-taking! You know, I’m really a fan of bright and scenic anime.

If the doujin was really an official and the graphics was like that, hmm..

disappointing a bit. But it pwns Zettai Shougeki! Touhou was 5 times better!

The special effects are awesome! Too bad it’s only a doujin 😦

Opening and Ending- It’s alright. The theme of the song IS really on it’s theme. Which is like an Oriental-Fantasy. However, I liked the ending theme better than the opening theme.

Seiyuu- They made a great job! Their voices are really on the character’s theme and they sounded so quiet yet beautiful. Quite impressive.

Overall- 3 over 5 stars. I really enjoyed the show a lot and it’s pathetic that I can’t summarize well! but it’s alright, I’m going to blog this show because I LOVE it!! This is WIN!

If you don’t have it, and you’re interested, you know what to do, right? Download it.



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3 Responses to “Touhou Unofficial Doujin Episode 1- A Summer Day’s Dream”

  1. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    You liked the animation? for me, no.
    But the backdrop is very nice for a doujin, so does those special effect/powers.
    Seiyuu performance wasn’t really expected at all, to be honest.

  2. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    I almost forgot! Your screencaps…They’re all in begining.
    Failure lol, sorry about that. Please fix it. You know, I’m a HUGE fan of Touhou TT_TT

  3. mikaino Says:

    @Kitsune-Kun: I know that. No need for fixing. Maybe on the next post, I’ll give the screencaps.

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