Touhou Unofficial Ep 1- A summer Day’s Dream | Screencaps


Sorry for the late post!

Forgive me if you’re tired up waiting for the screencaps of the episode ;_;

Do click the images if you want to see the full size of it, since the thumbnails looks so pixelized >___<

This is the intorduction thinggy. The places are breath-taking, isn’t it?

I’m really impressed with their backdrops. A lot.

There’s more, so clicky below to skidoo jump!

Opening Screencaps:

Shows the main characters in the series..


Here goes the whole episode:

LOL.Donation Box= Missing!?The Donation BoxAyaOooh, shiny.That had to hurt.
Marissa looks freaky. Hey, what is that shadow?
Shopping's done!Something fishy about the Hakurei Shrine..Wow, that's  gotta hurt a lot.Looks the the three makes Patchy mad..Patchy is really that mad as if she would attack Reimu..Rad special effects XDDGosh, another horrid screencap TT_TT

> What a horrible incident it is..

The tea, the books, and the donation box was stolen in the same time. Who was the person that stole those things?

Reimu thought that Patchouli was the one who stole the donation box and was used as a bookshelf. But actually, Patchouli didn’t. Some of her books were also stolen, so does the tea..

And here goes the ending:

Not really sure if the next episode was released already.

And the final screencap (of the ending) wasn’t really on the ending at all.

*yawns* It’s too early to post in this blog! as if my brother wasn’t awake yet, It’s the right time to post even though it’s very early morning!




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2 Responses to “Touhou Unofficial Ep 1- A summer Day’s Dream | Screencaps”

  1. mikaino Says:

    *not related and also not a spam. This is important, not pointless*
    Wow, this is my 15th post already in this blog XD That’s really many for me, and wow, it’s already my 1st month here! I wasn’t here for about weeks because of school, and holy macaroni, I haven’t noticed about that.
    Another reason why I haven’t blog here for weeks because my internet f* off, and my mom is using my laptop >_> FYI, I use laptop these days.
    Not really sure if the Wireless Router of my house isn’t working, you know, and in the “main” computer of mine? Aw, come on, my brother can’t stop using it, and I can’t use it. So frustrating >_<

    Also do look forward to the new name of the blog! I was so like thinking of it always! :3 And more headers to come, so check back soon (Saturdays are highly recommended)

  2. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    Hoorah you posted it at last! I was like waiting always..
    Your 58th screencap is groundbreaking! I am fascinated and also impressed of it. Can’t really capture that one because it was fast.
    And what? 15th post? Gratz! also to your monthsary.
    I hope you will post more even there’s freaky situations (and excuses) about your blogging! (Beat up your brother if he can’t stop, Just kidding!)

    Well, I’m exited about the new title 😀 Another thing to look forward to.

    Sorry if I’m not commenting to you often, because your posts are too old already >_>

    [Edited by mikaino]
    [-I moved the screencap because it wasn’t in the proper order;]
    [Sorry about that.]

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