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My favorite Megurine Luka songs so far.

February 28, 2009

While I’m so bored at browsing, I am listening to Megurine Luka’s songs in Youtube. These are some songs I love to listen the most, I’ll just share it to you!

Jump! Jump!



Happy Valentines! | Happy Birthday!

February 15, 2009

There are two imprortant events in this month.

14 was Valentines day, and 15 is my friend’s 15th birthday 😀

Isn’t it great? I love chocolates! I do also love cakes :3

I already have a present for my friend, but I’m going to give it tomorrow.

Hnggh…I wanna go picture potty >_<

Let’s go!


Yarrr :3

February 6, 2009

Hello there, I just dropping by!

I can’t do anything else…I’m bored.

I wanna go Twittering but sadly…

Nevar mind. I wanna make this blog a group one, since I’m so lazy to post.


It’s February! Let’s show some MONTHLY LOVE–*

February 2, 2009

Wheee! It's February! The month of Luv!

-Time flows so fast, It’s already February..This month is called the “Month Of Love”..The color of this month is RED, Am I right?