Happy Valentines! | Happy Birthday!


There are two imprortant events in this month.

14 was Valentines day, and 15 is my friend’s 15th birthday 😀

Isn’t it great? I love chocolates! I do also love cakes :3

I already have a present for my friend, but I’m going to give it tomorrow.

Hnggh…I wanna go picture potty >_<

Let’s go!

-no Luka Valentine’s CG..So I only have a shouta here >_<

Hmm..Valentine’s day. Favorite season of the lovey-dovey people, haha!

In our school, we have a Valentine’s party. Somewhat, it sucks when my partner returned the chocolate he gave to me! Argghh!!!

-“They all have chocolates..Except me ;_;”

Reimu, I feel for you..

Do you hate Valentine’s day? Or just jealous to the people who were dating? These guys do. Roll up the video!

(take note that I must put the NB Rangers instead, but it contains nudity, so I put the NB Rangers: Returns instead ^^)

ANYWHOO!!! Let’s skip to another event, and it’s Chiaku’s 15th birthday!

Happy Birthday to you,

You belong to the school,

as a mascot, as a critic,



– Surprise wallpaper will be given on 16, friend!

And congratulations at the promotion on the FF group! Good luck!

Same doings once again, I’m so busy being a helper at the library nowadays.



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2 Responses to “Happy Valentines! | Happy Birthday!”

  1. Dark Says:

    A birthday tribute for me? Thank you, Haiko.
    In fact, metalicore hasn’t giving me such stuff >_> When will Ann open the blog? Hahaha! Off for now, dude.

  2. mikaino Says:

    Yeah, why did metalicore didn’t do such stuffs >_<
    Let’s go on strike!! Lol XD

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