My favorite Megurine Luka songs so far.


While I’m so bored at browsing, I am listening to Megurine Luka’s songs in Youtube. These are some songs I love to listen the most, I’ll just share it to you!

Jump! Jump!

F.G.A.M (English Original Song)

The song was kinda awesome, The image of her looks faboo!

Tori no Uta (AIR opening theme)

AIR’s OP sang by her sounds quite rad! Everything sounds calm..

Revolution (Original)

I am speechless on this song. I was like OMGWTF it is fricking awesome! Her photo is also stunning! If you ask me, she’s so modelesque!

Stay by my side (Original/VOCAROCK)

I can’t believe that she can do rock music too. Overall, it’s 7 stars out of 10.

Stardust Utopia

My favorite song so far. It’s sounds so cool, so does the background music!

Transient Future

Electronic music, and overall, it’s  nice ^^

Disco Union (cool vocal edit)

I like the way she says “Hey! Baby” it sounds cute and curious! The background music was awesome, though. Just ignore the picture used.

Sadistic Love

My first impression is: The instrumental sorta reminds me of those hardcore songs I’ve played in some video games! The song is 10 stars! It’s really good.

Good for hardcore music lovers.

Evening Nostalgia

Oh my gosh! Aside from Stardust Utopia, this is one of my favorite Luka songs so far! Rock music in such cool voice makes me want it!

Top of the World

My old, gradeschool days. My old favorite song too, sang by her, duh.

Nice and classy, I like it a bit.

Bravery -Remastering Version-

Love the song. The strong beats sounds really encouraging.

で メグメル (CLANNAD)

A theme song from CLANNAD. Sounds impressive. I like CLANNAD a bit.

Dragon Ball Covers

Dragon Ball 0_O? Not a fan of the show, but somehow I’m forced to copy this. Why? I love Luka’s Engrish!

Lost My Music (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)

Haruhi’s rock song turned bossanova! Anyways, it’s such a nice song, nice voice, too ^^

Luka Luka Night Fever

Also love this song! So eaurobeat! I’m so lovin’ it. I downloaded its mp3 version for my mp3.

Ignore the pinkness of this one! Just listen.. Isn’t it sound great?

Honestly, I like her voice. Not that annoying, so cool!

Yeah. Mikutards are still on Miku. I don’t care! I LOVE Luka more!

even though she’s so pinky.



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3 Responses to “My favorite Megurine Luka songs so far.”

  1. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    Yes, there are such great songs which were sang by her, I liked the “Tori no Uta” and “Sadistic Love” the most. Her electro voice was like Miku a bit, so I didn’t listen to it fully. You know, Miku sucks for my taste. Don’t troll me, because I’m saying the truth.
    The last one is kinda nice, too. Nice selection of songs! Some of them can be listened in all times ^^
    Post more Luka, mikaino!!!! We love her right? Then let’s keep on supporting her!!!

  2. Hamtsy Says:

    Ooh, there are lots of songs. I don’t like the Vocaloid’s singing.
    I listened to the “Top Of The World’ only because it is the only song I know.

  3. mikaino Says:

    @Kitsune-Kun: Kitsune, my man! You’ve said that word again. I know it already, Any trolls will be deleted 😀 And I’ll post more Luka, don’t worry:3

    @Hamsty: Aw, you’re not a fan? Top of the World is awesome, though.
    Try Tori No Uta, it is really good, trust me.

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