24 [~Clear☆Mint~ Version]


The following takes place between 10:00 am and 11:oo am and

What am I doing this? *facepalms then blushes* This is embarrassing!! Will I

do this for the fame and veiws of the blog? NO!

I am doing this because I can’t do something else, get it?

And then, and then, I will remind you people:

If you are blogging too, and you are copying such articles from such blogs, don’t forget to give them a proper credit! Did you get me? okay.

Well, that’s quite out of the place bwahaha..

*Starts listening to the song “Wonderland”* I ain’t going like a sucker!!

Shugo Chara sucks so badly, I’m telling the truth and no lies, so don’t troll me suckerz! Yeah!!! Any trolls will be deleted, you dreadnoughts!

I’m not sure about the Spring anime, they are not that good.

K-ON looks like it is Yuri or something, Arrrggh!

Okay, I’m counting down the days to Wrestlemania! 😀

And I am busy making some wallpapers, I’ll post them soon.

And also more Megurine Luka, I believe many love her 😀

And those CSS, and plans… Lin and Kei, a little help here?

If you don’t know ’em, I’ll just ask Ann and Dark!

I was like a procrastinator here!

*those exploding ticking sounds*

Smell you on the next episode!



4 Responses to “24 [~Clear☆Mint~ Version]”

  1. kanzeon Says:

    OMG I lol’d so much at this XDD
    P.S. – that laughing emoticon is pure win.

  2. Lin Cirrus Says:

    Uhhh… What’s this? A 24 which was a “my blog” version?
    Y’all Miss M, I believe you don’t made this for popularity, but the post is a thumbs up for me, Gimme high-five, dude! *floats in the air while waiting*
    Good thing I have my jetpack, It always come in handy! Ha ha ha!
    I am looking for some Shugo Chara haters, too. I didn’t know you are one. I also hate that anime, I was like *censor x3* What the *censor x3* is the *censor x3*? There are too many reasons. And my mom is calling me,
    Awwww Man!!!!!

    P.S: You need my help, eh? Alright! I’ll join! I’ll just wait you high-five.

    -Lin Cirrus

  3. mikaino Says:

    @Kanzeon: It was funny? I haven’t noticed it. My retarded powers inspired me making this. And the emoticon.

    @Lin: *high-fives* Sorry to keep you waiting.

  4. SwellBarney Says:

    Yeah Shugo Chara sucks hard. No wonder it’s the butt of my jokes for my Barney Bunch movies.

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