24 [~Clear☆Mint~ Version]- Episode 2: Lin appears and high-fives me


The following takes place between 11 am and 12 nn. And:

Lin: Mikaino! Come out wherever you are!! Or else, I’ll be force to do such ninjutsu stuffs and flipizzle to your location right away!! Aw, man! I don’t even have binoculars..

Mikaino, reply NOW!!! *laughs maniacally*

Mikaino: Lin! I’m out of the building. Let’s make the post clean, okay?

and why are we doing this? Do you know?

Lin: 24 is action, dude. So we must fight terrorists, or beat up classmate, or kick your housemate’s large piehole…

And the best of all, let’s get retarded if you wanted to do it, hah!!

Mikaino: Thanks for the tip, Lin. I know I can rely on you ^^

Lin: No problem, homie! *does the “greeting”* Kei wasn’t here.

Mikaino: Kei wasn’t here? Maybe he was focusing in his poetry skills again TT_TT

Lin: *uses the DJ thinggy and rotates a disc* Freakum Freakum WORD-Right!

And he will have trumpet lessons this Spring and Summer, homie.  And said that he was not interested. He will just focus on that poetry heck. Yayayayayayaya…

Mikaino: Will you stop snapping? That was really irritating.

(so does the keyboard, UGHHH!!!)

Lin: Whatever! BTW, have ya heard about the HSM Manga, huh? I know it’s your “favorite”.

Mikaino: *blushes* Uh-NO!! HSM plus Manga= FAIL!! I think Camp Rock is better.

Lin: Yea. FAILx50 or so. My impression was quite unexpected. The character designing was cute (than the comics, duh!!!) and OMG SHARPAY!!! OMG SHE WAS TAD FABULOUS AND CUTE AT THE SAME TIME IN HER CHARACTER DESIGN!!!! *gives lots of love to Sharpay, the fabulous one*

Mikaino: Fabulous, good one. How was Gabriella?


Mikaino: Uh yeah. But-Why did you said about it?

Lin: Nah, I am distracting you. And oh! oh! oh! I was also checing if you are a nutwig, but you are!! *laughs like a surfer dude* OMG! That was fun. We should do this more often!

Mikaino:I don’t know ^^ But yeah, this is fun.

Lin: Man, what now?

Mikaino: Let’s play IaMP!!

Lin: Uhh… KK. Smell ya later, readers. Bye!

Lin + Mikaino


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