Patapon 2- The Gaming Experience



Before, I showed you the trailer of this awaited sequel, Now I have downloaded the game and played it, duh!

Well, here it is.  The begining was similar with the first Patapon. You will have the Pon drum and you must press it continously until the Hatapon will stand up. He will give you the Pata drum, and you will have the PATA PATA song. The first mission was just simple, you will only use the PATA PATA song and some Yaripons (They were three) will join the Hatapon’s marching. A group of masked soldiers will appear but they will avoid you and that’s it.

New Features:

In Patapon 2, it has a “Hero” Which you can change his class, in each class, there has a Hero Mode. The Hero Mode was quite strong, but it only appears in Fever mode.  The hero appears wearing a mask and you will name him. You will join him in the first Dodonga battle. There is  a new thing in the game is the eggs.  You can get the eggs by defeating some bosses. The eggs are infinite and changes level. There is also a place where you will use the eggs. I forgot what was the place called TT_TT
There, you can play multiplayer even they only have the first Patapon game, or just play solo together with the Komupons. Komupons have different kinds of classes and attitudes. Some are weak, and some are strong. In my opinion, the Dekapon was the strongest. And now, if you have played the egg game, you will fight a boss in a time limit of 7-5 minutes. If you have defeated the boss in the corresponding time, you have completed the mission. And there will have a mini game which gives a very cute sound.

New weathers are unlocked, too. And new villains.

There is also the past mini games in the game. I unlocked the crystal percussionist Kon Kimpon first, which I unlocked it in the Cannon training stuff. Unlocking the genius Pan Pakapon went a bit difficult to me since the Juju Jungle course has a time limit. But I have finished it already by having 5 Tatepons, 4 Yumipons, 5 Yaripons, and the hero in a class of Yaripon.

I also unlocked the dance instructor mini game in the “Cloud Castle” mission.

You can also load your Patapon save file here. But I haven’t tried it.

I am currently on the “Two Karmens” mission. Well, bye bye!



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