Say what?? Hibernating mode, homies?



No pictures in this post. Cha-uh, you might have no appetite readin’ this.

Well, duh wha don’t cha read the title? This is free, and it won’t loose a doe.

Just a cent, *chuckles*

Alright, read it NOW…

Almost there :3

For the people who likes reading my blog: There is no monthly love for April and May, sorry!

-May 2, 11:02

The blog is currently in hibernating mode. My session will be back on July or so..

-May 2, 11:03

All quotes from Miss M.

I hate those sneaksters who likes to butt in when I’m typing, ah darn it.

Okay, where was I… Oh yeah! Quotes, right? Those are the terms M mentioned on Twitter, I already have a permission

She might be back on Summer, and me eh? I’ll post if I have ideas. I’m so lazy that I can’t even think of a plot!

Aw man!  I’m out of  ideas and it sucked, ya heard?


-Lin Cirrus


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One Response to “Say what?? Hibernating mode, homies?”

  1. mikaino Says:

    Yeah, it sucks when you, even me, out of ideas, then pronto.
    Thank you for posting this for me, Lin. I know I can rely on you, lol.

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