Loco Roco 2- The Gaming Experience


I can’t say that I’m back already. I’m posting this one via lurking.

Last December, I showed the trailer to you guys, and heck it’s  way awesome than the previous!

Read more, do the skidoo…

I have finished the game already. Like, OMG! I was like getting the game this May 14, and I already finished the game today, an hour ago, to be exact?!? Tomorrow, I think I’ll just clean those nasty, black clouds on the game.

The gaming gets harder and harder, I have so much struggling in the game itself, but lucky am I to finish it already?

No, I ain’t lyin’!

The new features of the game is that your Loco Roco gains some abilities, like swimming.

Now, below you’ll read my impressions and experiences about the bosses.

The first fight with the boss (I forgot his name) was 60% of a joke. You’ll just pound him about 5 times(?) and you already pwned him. The mojas are quite annoying though, luckily I was scratched on just one time.

The second fight was annoyingly hard, but I pwned him (the boss)by climbing on the branch on his hand,  then I climbed on his moustache (there are three of them), and bite it by pressing L + R buttons repeatedly. Once  I plucked a part of his moustache, he’ll ran away. Bite his moustache two more times, he’s owned.

The third and final fight was about 5 times harder than the second one (as if I’ve got 5 tries), the importance of this fight is to keep your balance right.  Lacking of balance causes you to fall down, and game over. When you’re up and going to a black, cloudy stuff, go there, don’t fall. While inside that black stuff, It is very easy to deal with. Clear the dark clouds, Get the flowers/fruits, and viola! Already out of the dark stuff!

Facing the “boss” ‘ wife is fricking hard. The mojas are too many to handle and it’s so annoying!

My tip is get rid of them, and poke the final boss’ eyes (and make her cry) about 5 times(?).

And poof she goes pwned.

The final part seems hard to me, pressing the L + R buttons at the same time. If you’ve got a mistake, the dark ball will return.  Getting it right takes me for about a few minutes. When done, The bosses are pwned once again.

When you’re done, you’re just going to clean up the dark clouds.

I hope it helps for you guys, the readers.



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2 Responses to “Loco Roco 2- The Gaming Experience”

  1. Anna Says:

    The boss games are a piece of joke. It’s too easy for you to deal with.
    But some reasons, the game itself has a nice overall.
    I just noticed, You played the game for three days? You are not joking, right?

  2. Lin Cirrus Says:

    Err, M.

    Majilone (forgot the spelling) is Bonmucho’s Mother, I think. She’s no wife, she’s bigger!


    Chavez’s theme FTW 🙂

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