Is it me, or is it Pokemon is getting worse and worse?


Heart Gold and Soul Silver

[This image has been deleted for fugliness]

I have no picture and even a trailer to show (Right Now), because there are reasons which I can explain.

First of all, some people got it already. I don’t have much time to search more CGs of this crap.

Second, The characters looks like a crap, but Diamond and Pearl’s characters are way crappier (reason: gay.)

Go bring Crystal back, honey!The new girl looks like Super Mario and I feel like she looks like a big fat joke in the Pokemon world.

Such a fug isn’t that right, Miss Cirrus?

Another reason? The game itself is 3-D, Giving it a “Harvest Moon”-like feel. Fin.

Let’s just talk about names, lame. I’ll just stop.

It’s just a stupid remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver, which were the greatest Pokemon series for moi.

Nothing more special to me, *yawn*.

I know what is special here, 30th post. *groan*

-Mikaino (lame version)


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4 Responses to “Is it me, or is it Pokemon is getting worse and worse?”

  1. Lin Cirrus Says:

    Holla, Lil’ Miss M.

    Say what? A fugly remake of Pokemon GSC, huh?
    I have search the net for some CG, but heck you were damn right, All characters seems to be so goofy and lame. I should admire how stupid-looking the character designing is, the plot, and the average gameplay. Hahahaha. I must call the fashion police to arrest them for being good 🙂 As a Pokemon champ in Ruby, I know this (WTH Trendzz?)

    I’ll give ’em a chance if they remade the characters into more stylish manner (but, no skirts), or bring back Kris, Less CG because they were sooo relyin’ to this crap, and having a 3rd generation or even that not-so-great 4th generation Pokemon there (I want Treeko, Zangoose, Beldum, and Deoxys!!!!).

    Most important, Beldum and all of its evolutions, Hoenn Starters, and Zangoose and Seviper are want, bring Kris back OR have some good fashion sense. No skirts this time, homies! Puh-lease. Even the girl is wearing a short, they should STILL have a fashion sense. BTW, My friend can design WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better fashion than this.

    I don’t like the way the designer is wasting his @$$ with some goof-s* and gay stuffs >_> Girl dressing up as Mario is fail. CG relying is fail, and Gay shonen game (or anime) is fail. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. FAIL x3.
    Echouer, Falle, Versagen Sie!!!

    GSC is freakin’ rad, but the remake for the DS, it sucks squid balls.

    And when will there be an Orange Island one?

  2. mikaino Says:

    Calm Down please :3
    You’re ranting too much, why?

  3. Lin Cirrus Says:

    No, I am not.
    I appreciate the crappiness of this crap.

  4. mikaino Says:


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