New Vocaloid: Megupoid Gumi


New Vocaloid again? Awesome!

I haven’t gather too much information to her, unlike Luka.

Her Seiyuu is Nakajima Megumi and designed by Masami Yuuki.

Her release date is on June 26, 2009.

My impressions:

She looks like Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier) a bit, by looking at her hair, eyes, and outfit.

But, she looks less loli, and sassier.  And she’s not desinged by KEI? It’s alright.

I’m looking forward to hear her voice, I hope she sounds way better!

Image spam below:

[This is edited, By the way.]



She looks like a bit of this character to me:


-Frida from El Tigre: The adventures of Manny Rivera

Just. A. Bit.

(Sources: Internet. Both info and images.)



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2 Responses to “New Vocaloid: Megupoid Gumi”

  1. Lin Cirrus Says:

    Frida and that Gummy girl’s similarties:

    Dress Wearin’
    Hair Flyin’
    Red Goggles in their head and sing.

    Sing after me!

  2. mikaino Says:

    Lin! You can sing?
    Her name’s Gumi, not Gummy, nor Gummi. But it’s quite confusing though.

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