I don’t know why, I think I don’t like anime anymore.

Except for Touhou’s Unofficial Doujin Anime (Forgot its title),  At least it’s quite impressive. I’ll still blog it, don’t worry.

But  heck, I’m more into video games and such, but anime is really getting down on me.

I don’t know why,  I think I’m getting more mature. I don’t want to watch more. One anime is enough for three years now, for me.  I’m afraid of getting them more. I’m afraid of copying some Japanese phrases or such, I’m afraid.

I don’t know why, or maybe it’s time to make a new interest. I’ll search for some stuffs to start up a new interest.

Am I signing off?



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One Response to “……………………….”

  1. Dark Says:


    That is why you quit AP, right! But–

    That’s okay. Nobody can stop you from growing up..

    Let’s go hardcore, someday.

    See you later, spaceman!

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