Hatsune Miku Project Diva -The Gaming Experience-


PROJECT DiiVaaaaaa~~~

I haven’t gave a trailer ’bout this, because it’s a Japanese edition..

Meh, just kidding! I was offline when this was announced.

The gameplay was sorta different to the other rythm games I knew (Beatmania, o2Jam, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DJ Max..) and it gave me such challenge! But it was fun though, you can unlock so many stuff.

You play as Hatsune Miku here (you know her, right?) and you can change her costume (Includes Luka, the Kagamine Twins, and the other official and fan-made Vocaloids, except for Gakupo and Gumi) and her room too, so you don’t just play the song, clear it, blablabla…

There is a lot of songs to play (from World is Mine to Levan Polkka) but it’s hard to choose! There are many good songs in the game (I like Moon and Dear Cocoa Girls) The camera angle was a bit confusing too (and sometimes focusing on her legs and her panties for the fanboys), so remain focus at the buttons 😉

Overall, This is a great game. I already unlocked 25% of the costumes and 94% of the songs. I will try harder and harder to unlock more stuff!

I recommended this game for those who are tired of the same-old (and popular) video games and also for the Vocaloid fans out there!



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