Happy Halloween!!


Flandre-HalloweenCome let’s tip-toe into the dark…

Ah, Halloween! My favorite holiday (aside from Christmas).

People, especially children and youngsters are trick or treating. I give lots of candies in my neighborhood, to share some Halloween spirit without wearing any costume. I enjoy eating some Candy Corns and Gummy Eyeballs during this time, since those are the common type of candy I recieved. Duh, I’m a sucker for some candy. I will never reject some of these babies!


Cookie Bouquets.

Oh yes, this Halloween, I sorta feel like sharing some Alice + Marisa Halloween-themed pictures. They are so cute!!


Marisa stole my precious candies!!! ARRRGH!! Just kidding.


Alice has some sweet treats there.


Marisa + Alice + Halloween= WIN.

Monthly love will be resumed at November, while 24 will be removed because Lin and I lacked some ideas. By the way, Happy Halloween to everyone!!! See you, and please look forward to my next installment!



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