Hello. I’m really new to blogging, sorry! I don’t know much of this thing(and I’m so young), I only make an image gallery or something. Making images (such as icons, headers, and wallpapers) is my major hobby. But I do hate vectoring! It’s so hard to do, I’m super lazy doing it.


My first (and crappy) wallpaper

-did you missed this wallpaper, fellow AP members? sorry, I won’t submit this on AP anymore. I’m sick of vectoring this. The black outlines can’t be removed well 😦

I made this blog on December 22, 2008, which is the day I was busy and bored. I was making headers and I asked myself about it: “What is this header for? o_o am I stupid to make a header without a blog or a website? gotta make a blog of my own..” and yep, that header was the “Pop Sensations!” header. The title of this blog was gnarly long, dude! At first, you imagined that this blog was a spam, but no, it’s not. I have a Twitter account for those peeps who would like to talk to me, but I’ll follow you if I know you!

No more sending of e-mails sorry. I’ll make one if I have time.

Lin, you’re next to write here, hooray!


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