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New Pokemon game announced again.. But hey, at least it looks better!

April 20, 2010

Tch, here we go again..

As we saw the silhouette past few months ago, and being revealed after: That’s Zoroark.

-Together with his pre-evo Zorua. Hm.. This two will be ta rivals of Riolu and Lucario, I think.

And GOOD NEWS! Pokemon has done it! They’ve become awesome once again since their RBY/GSC/RSE/FRLG days! That’s such a glory .v.

As far as I hear and see toward the Internet (<-My constant companion), The new games are called Pokemon “Black and White.” They said the names sounds so racist, but for me, no. Black and White here are being referred as those simple, yet very popular colors, and NOT referred to the races of people.

Also, here are some things I also heard about this game on the Internet:

  • It has an improved 3D graphics. Yeah, I saw them too. They look very awesome and attractive.
  • It also has some cities which looks like a city. Not just a big space with small houses on it.
  • I see some truck at one of the pre-release pictures. Oh, thank God, there are now vehicles in the Pokemon world.
  • I think the Pokemon Center and the Mart will share the same building.
  • The game will be on DS, and definitely NOT 3DS.

Anyways, here’s one simple footage of the game:

And the official site with some few screencaps.

-S-WF <MK>