March time!! Monthly love for you and me!!



Huh? An Ice Fairy on my blog?!? It’s Cirno!

Since I am checking my calendar, and tommorrow will be March the first (Yeah, I’m from the West), and Monday, I’ll go to school. There will be a busy timing, so this is advanced.

Quote of the Month: (Actually, I liked this one.)

“Will someone call the doctor? Because I’ve got Spring Fever!”

-From the episode “My Pretty Seahorse” on the show

“Spongebob Squarepants”!

And I say:

Goodbye Winter!

And Hello Springtime!

-And I have a feeling that Cirno can be a MoeGirl model for [:METANORN:],

You know, she’s moe and modelesque. But Ani-NTM is for anime only. Not Video game-NTM or Tohou-NTM.

No Monthly Love is complete without a random video!

Spring fever!



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7 Responses to “March time!! Monthly love for you and me!!”

  1. Amis Says:

    Ami-comment in 🙂
    I don’t know who is this Cirno, but she’s adorable! And smells like you are promoting a blog, tee hee
    Before I’m off, I see shoes! Okay,
    Ami-comment out.

  2. mikaino Says:

    Hi Amis! Cirno is a character from Touhou. You can search on the internet about her. And those shoes, it’s from SQUEEZE! Did you heard that song already, eh?

  3. Shugoi Says:

    hey mikano
    in 4 days is Cirno Day (09/09/09)
    and I wan’t to ask you if I could use the first pic of cirno to print it on a T-Shirt please.

  4. Shugoi Says:

    oh thanks ^^
    kk I’ll write “by mikaino” in the corner of the picture
    have a nice cirno day ⑨

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