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Happy Halloween!!

October 31, 2009

Flandre-HalloweenCome let’s tip-toe into the dark…



March time!! Monthly love for you and me!!

March 1, 2009


Huh? An Ice Fairy on my blog?!? It’s Cirno!

Since I am checking my calendar, and tommorrow will be March the first (Yeah, I’m from the West), and Monday, I’ll go to school. There will be a busy timing, so this is advanced.


Happy Valentines! | Happy Birthday!

February 15, 2009

There are two imprortant events in this month.

14 was Valentines day, and 15 is my friend’s 15th birthday 😀

Isn’t it great? I love chocolates! I do also love cakes :3

I already have a present for my friend, but I’m going to give it tomorrow.

Hnggh…I wanna go picture potty >_<

Let’s go!


So long, 2008 TT_TT. And let’s welcome year 2009! (and it’s my 10th post already!)

December 31, 2008

*sniffs* Thanks for those good ‘ol memories of the year 2008 TT_TT and those wonderful and not-so-wonderful moments that we cherished.

I hope this year, the year of the Earth Ox, will have a good and prosperous year!


The noise of the firecrackers, fireworks, and percussive instruments are around the corner, And let’s celebrate our new year party!

Let’s party! and go read more of this post, shall we?


Merry Christmas to all!!! (and damn those city folks with flying machines >:[)

December 24, 2008


Happy Holidays! I hope you guys have a good vacation this year, and oh yes, I won’t be here tomorrow, I’ll have a oh-so embarrassing reunion with my family. In fact, I don’t like it. We always went to my eldest aunt and have sleepovers with her, karaoke, and too much people, endless walks in the hill, yodelling picnicking there, but I wish we can go to the awesomest places there, like good malls or something, or I wish we all could go to the Nickelodeon hotel in Florida, or Philadelphia, the home of the ice cream 😀 and eat ice cream, JUST BETTER! If you would like to know, we have turkey for Christmas dinner, that’s so Thanksgiving! But I like ROAST turkey, they’re yummy.

I hate my zit. I’m so f-ing ugly!!!!!! Damn those city folks with flying machines, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh geez, I talk like the metalicore way >_>

Ok, no more ranting, It’s Christmas, who doesn’t like Christmas after all?

Azukin Chitozein(the metalicore trio)?  or Scrooge? LOL

Drum Solo!