My Headers.

Here’s the page where I put my customized headers. I get fonts on, and I get the brushes from Brusheezy, Trixinity, Celestial Star, and other sites. Textures and patterns are from random sites. Scans from Animepaper, Moe Imouto, and random sites.

Oh dear, I suck when it turns to title making >_<


Pop Sensations!- You can see the information on my first post.

Pop Sensations!

-Bubblegum Pink Version

Pop Sensations! -Alternate Version--Candy Blue Version-


Lady of the Universe- Nah, It’s just a cropped scan, nothing good about this header :\ I just like her beauty and the illustration of Tiv.

Lady of Space


Rising Sun- Nothing about the title. I just put some summer-themed colors in this header, but I loved the result even though it’s simple. And the reason why I made this because when I’m listening to this song (Sunny Side ~deepin’ soul mix~) And an idea came up to my mind. Personally, I love it. I’m gonna use this soon. And I love the text I used. It looks so lovely!

(Rising)Sunny Side (Up)


Der Mädchen Landend- My grammar has been updated. Thanks to Mom and I absolutely LOVE this work. It takes me about 3-5 hours. But my efforts had been paid off. I did a lot of revisions in this one. Looks like I’m going to use this after my Sunny Side header(or we should say, Rising Sun). Loli Pilots FTW! (I’m not a fanboy or something, I just like their jobs)

The German term means: The Girls’ Landing.

The Girls' Landing


These Clouds Speak- I vectored the girl from DJ Max Portable 2’s “Right Now”, but please forgive me! It’s my first time to vector a scan even it’s small! Sorry if it looks jagged TT_TT Actually, I’m really satisfied with the result. Vector not for sale, it’s horrible. The cloud texture on her hair and brushes is from Google Search. There are EXCACT 100 layers in this layer! awesome! Vectoring was soooo hard to do, I hope you will like this guys! I made the vector in a day, and the style is about 4 hours.

The real version will be a surprise 🙂

The Clouds Speak


Got milk? It’s year of the ox already!- Thanks Dark(chiaku) for the advice! I updated this header because I was in hurry in making it yesterday  ;_; So I haven’t checked it.

This is for the year of the ox, but I didn’t see an image of an ox, so I used a cow instead.

Is that legal? BTW, the girl is sooo cute!

got milk?


BLIZZARD BLUE= Is trendy- I have recolored the character’s color, because I’m not quite a fan of red.

It’s the first time I have played with the text, but I’ve struggled. Sorry if the text and its arrangement sucks for you.

I’m not satisfied with the overall though. I’m not a fan of the game, but the drawing is cute!



Oriental Fantasy- Hooray for Luka! This take me too long to decide on the effects. I hope this looks good to the eyes of everyone. I love this scan, though.



More comming soon, So don’t forget to check my blog anytime! (Except if it is in hibernating mode.)


4 Responses to “My Headers.”

  1. Dark Says:

    The Sky Girls is the most beautiful header you’ve made so far. It has a starry and grungy feel in it. Keep it up, Haiko-tan! make moar headers!
    (please take note this is chiaku.)

  2. mikaino Says:

    Wow thanks, Chiaku-kun! I’m really happy with the result (even though there’s annoying stars on both sides), FYI I didn’t focused too much on it, still I’m really glad you like it.

  3. Kitsune-Kun Says:

    Whoa, lotsa headers, lotsa effort.

    The Right Now header was really nice even it wasn’t on it’s theme: Spring romance and afternoon sky.
    Don’t really like your Year of the Ox Header, too “glowy” for an ox. Very unliking to look at.
    As for your Ladymade Star header, it was candy-colored and an eye candy (because I like blue and pink, but I prefer the darker ones.), and those are the first headers you’ve made, I’ll forgive your mistakes. And no critiques 🙂
    Your active header, which is a cropped image from Konachan/Moe Imouto was effectless yet nice. When I saw it, I always hear Kitty-N’s song from Bust-a-Groove (sorry if you didn’t know about it )
    I really liked the most in your current headers (2008 year) is the Sunny Side ones. Love it even it’s too warm for the winter season and it’s simple. I love the song too 😀
    Your Sky Girls header was awesome as a header. I’m speechless. But I still like your Sunny Side more.

    I can’t give you a wise suggestion because you “do not want” it >_>
    Oh well, good luck on making more of them.

  4. mikaino Says:

    @Kitsune-Kun (again): Thanks for liking and hating some of my headers! I’m too lazy to read your long comment on it.
    On your last paragraph, U got a point in it.

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