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Wow, there’s a lot of things to do in my real life now..

March 24, 2010

Guys, I know that I’m inactive (again) this days, but FYI, I’m not grounded anymore. I wanted to post as much as I can in this blog but, there’s so much schedules and duties in my real life, because I’m graduating.

You see, I have a life too ;\

No, this is NOT a careless excuse which a 11-year old child always excuses to his/her mom when he/she forgot to do her homework. THIS IS REAL. So I am sorry if I’m very inactive at my blogging or the likes.

Looks like the other posts of mine will be moved again. I missed posting my Vocaloid Miki post because it’s late.

*shrugs* Anyways, wish me luck and I want to hear more ideas from you, people!

Why is Lin too lazy to write a post here?



Is it me, or is it Pokemon is getting worse and worse?

May 16, 2009

Heart Gold and Soul Silver

[This image has been deleted for fugliness]

I have no picture and even a trailer to show (Right Now), because there are reasons which I can explain.

First of all, some people got it already. I don’t have much time to search more CGs of this crap.

Second, The characters looks like a crap, but Diamond and Pearl’s characters are way crappier (reason: gay.)

Go bring Crystal back, honey!The new girl looks like Super Mario and I feel like she looks like a big fat joke in the Pokemon world.

Such a fug isn’t that right, Miss Cirrus?

Another reason? The game itself is 3-D, Giving it a “Harvest Moon”-like feel. Fin.

Let’s just talk about names, lame. I’ll just stop.

It’s just a stupid remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver, which were the greatest Pokemon series for moi.

Nothing more special to me, *yawn*.

I know what is special here, 30th post. *groan*

-Mikaino (lame version)